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San Diego Car Accident Lawyers

In just about every survey on life in the United States, San Diego comes out on top as the most desirable place to live on the continent. That memo has gotten out, and people are moving by the hundreds of thousands to this lovely piece of paradise in southern California. Whether it be retired military that remember how great it was to live in San Diego or people simply searching for the perfect climate and America’s most active city, scores of folks are finding reasons to move to this city.

That, of course, means more vehicles on roads that were built decades ago before San Diego got so much good publicity. That’s why the Kumeyaay Highway (I-8) across the northern edge of the city often gets jammed with cars and the San Diego Freeway is often stop and go on the western side of the city.

The Jacob Dekema/Escondido Freeway (Route 805) on the east side of town also carries large packs of vehicles throughout the day, and it brings all sorts of interesting vehicles up from the area south of San Diego. The smaller Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway can end up with more cars and trucks than space. Route 94 is another popular route into town from the east.

Route 5, otherwise known as the John J. Montgomery Freeway, is another well-known road that carries highly monitored traffic both north and south out of the city. Let’s just say that some cars are looking to get away from San Diego in a hurry, while others are fleeing the border before they are detected.

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Within the city, Broadway, Market Street, the Pacific Highway and East Harbor Drive can all quickly become jammed with cars because all of these roadways have attractions that people go to, from Petco Park to the USS Midway. These crowded streets can create the perfect recipe for an accident: people in a hurry looking for an edge, people stressed because they are late for an appointment, people thinking that a quick burst out of their lane will get them to their destination a half-hour sooner. The next thing you know, you are being rammed in the side or caught in a multi-car pileup because someone was texting when they should have been braking.

If you live in or near San Diego and are involved in a vehicle accident, get legal help even if you don’t think that you need it. Don’t make the often unwise assumption that the other driver will freely admit guilt a week after the accident once s/he discovers how large his/her deductible is and how much more in insurance s/he will have to pay.

In more than a few instances, the driver who is responsible for a crash will change his/her mind about culpability after nerves have settled and reality sets in. No one wants a steep increase in insurance premiums if s/he can avoid it, so many drivers contact a lawyer and say that they want to prosecute the other driver for damages. In other words, they turn the tables completely around, much to the surprise of the innocent party. If that’s you, we want to help you defend yourself and see that justice is served.

Don’t fall for the lie that you can do a super job of representing yourself, either. It doesn’t matter how much television you’ve watched or how good of a public speaker you are. What matters most is knowledge of the law, knowledge of the judge and his/her history, and knowledge of even the other lawyers in the court room.

Opposing lawyers know a lot more about traffic law than you do, including which laws take precedence, which judges respond to which arguments and which tactics to use to change the narrative of your accident. The next thing you know, you are paying compensation rather than getting it, all because you assumed that you were smart enough to represent yourself.

That regret will be compounded as you sit in court with back and neck pain. It will feel worse when you hear the amount that you have to pay and realize that you are on your own with your medical bills and lost work time. Why take that risk?

Contact a competent San Diego car accident attorney and let the true professionals do what they do best. The minor investment that you make when hiring an attorney can return huge dividends for you as justice is done and you are awarded compensation, rather than ordered to pay it.

Many times in such cases, blame is laid out in percentages. The difference between an accident being 10% your fault and 50% your fault is enormous. That’s why you need a skilled San Diego car accident lawyer on your side. S/he will argue effectively for you and do the best that s/he can to prove to the court what exactly happened on the day of the accident. You are going to need air-tight arguments if you hope to see justice served.

Another mistake that people make is that they don’t contact a personal injury lawyer because they feel fairly normal immediately after an accident. That happens more often than you might think. The effects of whiplash and mild concussions often take several days to show up. In the meantime, you have lost valuable time in building a case regarding your accident.

Days later, when back pains flare up or it’s hard to turn your neck and you wonder about internal injuries, you will either be glad that you contacted a reputable San Diego car accident lawyer or get on the phone quickly to find one.

As your pain persists and you visit the doctor, you begin to understand the enormous costs of medical care today. Even the tests, not the treatment, are incredibly expensive. And, many times the type of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident involve long periods of evaluation and rehabilitation. Depending on how serious the accident you were involved in was, you could spend months or even years recovering. Those bills would be enough to bury you, even if you make a good living and have decent insurance.

It’s best to call or email a good San Diego car accident attorney and allow him/her to fight for the compensation that you will need. You are going to need far more money than you anticipate to pay all of the medical bills that can quickly accumulate as you recover from a concussion, a broken limb, a misaligned spine or any other number of common injuries resulting from car accidents.

As you look around for a firm of San Diego car accident lawyers, try to find one that wins large settlements for its clients, not the firms that fight on the side of insurance companies. This represents a crucial difference in approach and philosophy. You want a lawyer that fights for the little guy, not one who represents corporate giants.

After engaging an attorney, you will be much better equipped to turn down the insurance company’s initial offer for settlement. Those companies want to settle with you as quickly and as cheaply as possible. They have a mild concern for their clients, but they also know that they need to make a profit if their shareholders are going to be pleased. That translates into low-balling accident victims many times, hoping that the victim will see dollar signs before coming to his/her senses.

Don’t end up being responsible for rehabilitation and surgery bills, or lost wages as you do rehab and recover from surgery. Again, the recovery process after a car accident can become much more involved than you might anticipate. That sore shoulder could require surgery, which will lead to rehab, which will keep you off work for months and months because you need to use your arms at work.

Will workman’s compensation pay the bills and make up for the lost wages? Not in a vehicle accident case. Will the insurance company plan on 18 months of surgery and rehab, plus figure in a year of lost wages, a figure that now adds up to well over six figures? It’s not likely that the initial settlement offered will correspond to your financial needs.

That’s why it’s imperative that you contact a San Diego car accident attorney for a consultation and minimize the damage of the accident to your body and wallet. It is impossible to put a price tag on your health, and it is also impossible to predict the amount of medical care (and its cost) that you will need.

A qualified San Diego car accident attorney will know exactly where and how to look for the evidence needed to establish you as the victim—not the perpetrator—of the accident. That way, you will receive the lion’s share of the judgment, and your car accident will not bankrupt you for life.

When you think about all that is on the line in a car accident case, you realize how wise it is to make a small investment in hiring a skilled San Diego car accident lawyer. You will probably receive compensation that will cover costs, lost wages and pain and suffering with a total that dwarfs what you spent to hire a lawyer.

Make the smart move: contact a San Diego personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after your accident.

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