HUBBARDSTON — After a two-car crash at Barre Road and Old Boston Turnpike (Route 62) on Christmas Day, two brothers were treated and released from UMass Memorial Dec Medical Center — University Campus.

The brothers are grateful that they would be able to spend Christmas with their family. The two brothers, identified as Colton Prentiss, age 23, resident of Barre was driving a 2003 Ford pickup. His brother identified as Wyatt Prentiss, 17, also resident of Barre, was a passenger of Colton’s pickup at the time of the crash.

Both sustained facial and head injuries and were immediately delivered to a local hospital in Worcester with facial and head injuries. According to hospital spokesman Robert Brogna, the brothers were treated for non-life threatening injuries and were soon discharged.

Hubbardston Police Sgt. Ronald Newton said that after a preliminary investigation, both Colton and Wyatt Prentiss were issued citations for failure to wear seat belts.

The driver of the other vehicle, a 2003 Lincoln Town Car was identified as Frank Bingham, age 83, and resident of Gardner. He was the operator of the other vehicle and his passenger was identified as Anna Giuliana, age 84, resident of Gardner. They were also brought to Heywood Hospital in Gardner for evaluation.

The police did not inform media regarding the present condition of these patients. Due to the mishap, Mr. Bingham was issued a citation for failure to stop at a stop sign.

The police are investigating other factors which brought on the crash. They only reported that the people in the pickup were issued citations for non-wearing of seat belts. Bingham was issued a citation for failing to halt before a stop sign.

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