MILFORD, Mass – This is a sort of Christmas Story which started from a car mishap. Earlier in December, Kim Kerswell accidentally backed into a car in a Milford parking lot, she didn’t know what to do. She could barely afford to celebrate Christmas with her kids, much less pay for car repairs.

However, Kim was unaware that when she backed into that car she also happened to bump into her Christmas angel, Sherene Borr.

As the two ladies were exchanging insurance information, Kim apologized to Sherene and confided t she’s a single mom, hardly able to make both ends meet and was not going to be able to give her kids a Christmas this year.

Borr said that she could very well relate with the story of Kimberly as she had grown up in a single parent household and had endured the same hardships. She resolved to give Kim and her children a joyful Christmas.

Asking the assistance of more than 30 families and businesses, Borr adopted the Kerswell family for Christmas and gave them everything on their wish list.

Last Friday, Borr was able to deliver all the gifts which included toys and gas cards to necessities for their home.

Kim, brimming with gratitude, said that she was very much blessed in meeting this kind-hearted person. Now, she is able to give her children a joyful Christmas and paying all her bills. She had informed her children that they will not be able to spend Christmas this year but with the help of Sherene and kind people, they will have a memorable Christmas celebration.

Sherene Borr is hoping that people in every community and across the United States are paying it forward and said that is that life is all about helping others.

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