An early morning wreck in Boston claimed the lives of three people. There were three persons who died after a wreck which happened early in the morning.

Police reported that an Acura with four on board ran a red light and crashed into a Toyota that was bearing two people. The two-vehicle wreck happened at the corner of East Fifth Ave. and Avenue U at about 2:00 o’clock Saturday morning at Gravesend.

The impact of the collision was so strong that it also damaged a school bus and other vehicles near the area.

The police confirmed that there were three fatalities: two men and a woman. But there were also three other victims who sustained injuries and were transported to the Lutheran Hospital/

Two of the fatalities were identified as Andres Capers-Jones, age 26 who is a resident of Brooklyn and Leonora Layaud, age 24 also of Brooklyn. The identity of the 3rd victim will be released after notification of the nearest kin.

Authorities are trying to discover if alcohol or drugs was an important factor in the crash. After the investigation is concluded, more information will be released.

January 01, 2013

New Year’s Day was ominous for a family from Georgia as three members of family were fatal victims of a four-vehicle collision which occurred at New Jersey’s Turnpike.

Authorities are now on looking for the vehicle that was the cause of the Turnpike fatal wreck that claimed the lives of three people last week.

At least three members of the family were killed in a Thursday crash between a car and a tractor-trailer in Mt. Laurel at Burlington County.

The investigation team identified the three fatalities as 51 years-old, Ainsworth Mallett, 49 years-old Jacqueline Mallett, and their son 12 years-old Drew. Nicole, the 18 years-old daughter of the Mallet’s was injured and immediately transported to the University Hospital of Cooper. Medical staff said her injuries were non-life-threatening. The police added that the family dog also died in the crash.

Due to the four-vehicle wreck, the police had to close milepost 39.9 southbound lane for almost five hours.

Authorities confirmed that at 10:00 o’clock in the morning of Thursday, a tractor trailer jackknifed into the Mallets family’s Toyota silver Camry. It appeared that the big vehicle was also pushed into big another rig.

Like the case of other bus accidents, troopers also closed the Center including the lanes on the right for five hours. After several hours, when the area was cleared, traffic along the area was resumed, precisely at 2:30 o’clock in the afternoon.

A neighbor identified as Ryan Paul said that at first, he heard a loud pop and all of the sudden 20 state troopers and five fire trucks started arriving into the scene. He realized it was such a bad accident. He was shocked to learn that three people died.

The police announced that they are looking for the vehicle that may have started the wreck. They stated that the vehicle was a tiny SUV, either white or light gold in color with an orange-blue NY license plate. Witnesses told the police that the operator of the vehicle was a blonde-haired woman.

One of the witnesses told the police that the woman was already in the center lane when the traffic stopped and she was trying to make a hard left through some small brakes in the median. Police believed that it was her action which led to the accident.

The accident is under investigation as police are requesting any person with more information to come forward. They would like to know the driver’s whereabouts. Mobile calls are treated with confidence.

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