Police believed that speed was the factor involved in the crash wherein a Toyota sedan sustained heavy damage.

Two drivers were cited by the Edgartown police following a collision which took place Thursday morning at the corner of Edgartown-West Tisbury Road and Barnes Road in Edgartown. Police said speed was a factor in the two-car accident.

A Subaru SUV driven by 27 tears old Daniel Haggerty of Edgartown, was traveling up-Island on Edgartown-West Tisbury Road. He collided with a Toyota sedan operated by 57 years-old Molly Bennett resident of Chilmark. She was traveling down-Island and attempted to negotiate a turn onto Barnes Road.

The emergency crew delivered Ms. Bennett by ambulance to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.
Mr. Haggerty was cited by the Edgartown police cited for speeding. The speed limit at that point in the road is 35 miles per hour. Officer Michael Gazaille said that there were statements from witnesses that the SUV was speeding as he was able to overtake several vehicles before the crash. So police surmised that speed was a great factor causing the mishap.

Ms. Bennett, the driver of the Chilmark, was also cited for failure to use caution at an intersection.

According to police, there was extensive damage to the rear passenger side of Ms.
Bennett’s car as its rear axle was knocked off from the vehicle. They also found damages at the front of Mr. Haggerty’s vehicle.

Police are undertaking investigation to decide if there is a need to file more charges against the guilty party. They want to know if the accident is alcohol related or if the people in the vehicles were wearing seat belts.

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