Boston police reported that an off-duty Boston cop sustained serious head, neck and chest injuries after a mishap. The Boston cop was off-duty at the time he crashed into a sport-utility vehicle into the BPD’s evidence warehouse on Hyde Park Avenue.

Police stated that the officer flagged down a fellow cop about 2:45 o’clock in the morning near the department’s Evidence Supply Management Division building at the vicinity of 1545 Hyde Park Ave. Investigating police stated that after an off-duty officer crashed into a sport utility vehicle, they found that the officer appeared to be in a semi-conscious and disoriented state.

As investigation is ongoing, authorities did not release identity of the injured co, the extent of injuries and the hospital where the victim is confined.

.On the same date, December 13, 2012, a crash wreck was reported involving a Yarmouth woman. The victim was trapped inside her minivan for nine hours overnight until she was rescued by the emergency crew.

Yarmouth cops said that although some of the neighbors heard the rollover crash, they did not report it. Police related that at around 11 o’clock in that evening, a neighbor along Winslow Gray Road heard a vehicle passed by at a high rate of speed which was followed by a crashing noise.

Yarmouth Police Deputy Chief Steven Xiarhos told the Herald reporter that a neighbor heard the rollover crash but hesitated to call the police as she was not sure what was taking place. This is the reason why the crash victim was trapped inside her minivan for nine hours.

As police continued their investigation, they surmised that speed was a major factor in the crash.

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