At least one man was killed Sunday morning. The fatality was a 34-year-old Harvey man who was killed in a one-car accident five miles south of Hamberg.

Jason Thomas, the driver, was thrown from his vehicle and was later pronounced dead at a Harvey hospital, reported North Dakota Highway Patrol.

Thomas was headed north on North Dakota Highway 30 at 6:50 this Sunday morning. He was on his way home from a farmstead when his 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix drifted east off the road.

The driver over-corrected and lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle turned clockwise and was propelled towards the east ditch. It struck an approach and vaulted. The car turned turtle and rolled an undetermined number of times and Thomas was ejected. Thomas was not wearing a seatbelt.

Investigation is still ongoing on the cause of the accident – why the driver lost control of his vehicle. Witnesses said that he was not over speeding.

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