When car accidents do occur  it is therefore important for one to be able to remember the accident as vividly as possible. We cannot remember every detail and that is why we take memories in terms of pictures and videos.

In an accident, it is very important to take pictures of the scene so as to serve as evidence in the future. The most important thing to always have with you is a camera or a camera phone that takes good pictures. Some of the benefits of taking photos of your accident include the following:

  • They show injuries incurred from the accident.
  • They Show damage caused to the vehicles involved
  • They Show the conditions the accident occurred in e.g. Bad Weather.
  • They may uncover potential witnesses or video sources for example cameras in the area.

Any pictures you took your lawyer may be able to use  as evidence to support your case should you file for compensation and not to mention will be invaluable for the purposes of insurance companies who may not be so forthcoming if there is a lack of evidence to support your claim to be right.

Now that we have listed just a few of the benefits of taking photos of your accident, there is a few things to consider which you may not be aware of at the time you are taking them. The first thing that you want to do is to never smile on the pictures. Smiling many lead the other parties to think that you were not hurt during the accident. Secondly, you want to have as many pictures taken as possible. Different shots should cover different angles of the accident. When taking pictures of your injuries or the other persons injuries, it is important that you ensure you get photos of any spots where an injury has occurred  up close for enlargement purposes at a later date and of course please please ensure the photos are not Fuzzy or blurred if at all possible.

If you were injured in a car accident, contact experienced  car accident lawyers who will protect the rights of you and your loved ones. You may be entitled to financial compensation for both economic damages as well as pain and suffering.