WILMINGTON, Del. – There were a dozen road accidents in Delaware’s 1-95 and most of them were blamed on icy roads.

Police authorities continue to receive several calls about multiple accidents on both the northbound and southbound lanes around and near Wilmington. Due to the icy condition of the road, the police are planning to close parts of 1-95.

Among the many crashes, two injuries were officially reported.

January 21 – The dangerous condition of the road were factors of the accident all over the area of Wilmington that prompted the closures of many routes.

The Delaware River Port Authority made the announcement through the media that they are placing a 25 mile-per-hour restriction of speed affecting the areas of Ben Franklin, Commodore Barry Bridge, Betsy Ross and Walt Whitman.

Gene Blaum, spokesperson of PennDOT told the media that due to the hasty drop of temperatures, the roads are all freezing. The Department has send out trucks to spray salt on the roads.

Sheena Parveen who is with the NBC10 informed the public that current temperatures are dropping below zero and that motorists should be careful of icy roads. Cold and bitter winds will continue for the next few days.

Delaware has all types of weather all year through. In summer, spring and fall, you can expect sunny sky and is the best time for driving and traveling. However, Delaware has also the penchant for blizzards, fogs, heavy rains, high winds, icy road conditions and snow storms. ,. Most of car accidents in Delaware happen when the driver does not properly follow safety precautions especially during bad weather.

In fact, the best advice for bad weather is not to drive at all. If it is not possible to wait for finer weather, then drive but be careful.

During winter season, you drive only after the sanding trucks and snow plows have cleared the roads. Most of all, remember that haste is waste. If you have to drive in snowy roads, be sure your car is prepared and that you know how to handle road conditions.

It will be a great help for you to develop technique of winter practice winter driving in an open snowy parking lot, to be at ease in driving your car.

Quick tips for safety driving on icy roads –

1. Reduce speed and keep distance with other vehicles on the road. Leave at least three times more spaces between cars from the usual distance during fine weather.
2. Avoid skidding by braking gently; if wheels feel like locking up, go easy with your brake.
3. Increase road visibility for other drivers by turning on your lights.
4. Clean lights and windshield will increase your visibility for vehicles ahead.
5. On going uphill, increase traction by keeping gears low.
6. Refrain from using overdrive control on icy roads.
7. Show your best care and attention when you are traveling on bridges, overpass and infrequently traveled roads. If conditions are wet, it is possible for you to see ice on shadowy areas or opened-roadways.
8. Avoid passing sanding trucks and snow plows since their drivers’ visibility is limited and might not even be aware of your presence.
9. Not even a perfect vehicle can handle winter roads. You should not travel when the condition is risky. You will invite danger when you presume that your vehicle is in a perfect condition to travel icy roads. Not even vehicles with front-wheel and four-wheel drives are exempted from encountering trouble on winter roads.

By observing these quick tips properly, you will be able to travel icy roads next winter.

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