One person was left dead after a tractor trailer accident in Gloucester County.  Thursday, Aug 2, 2012  Updated 1:26 AM EDT

An accident in Gloucester County claimed the life of at least one person. The tragedy occurred   after a tractor trailer was hit by a car. It happened on Main Road and Weymouth Road in Franklin Township. Authorities reported that a car ran a red light and hit a tractor trailer, igniting its fuel tank.

Chief Michael Rock of the Franklin Township Police said that when the vehicle hit the truck, they moved down the road a little further and hit a utility pole with a transformer.

The tractor trailer caught fire and somehow fell on top of the vehicle with one person inside. A witness saw the tractor trailer driver running from the burning vehicle right before it exploded. The driver was able to survive but no report given about his condition.

Firefighters had to wait for utility company to shut down the power before they could put out the flames due to downed wires at the scene. Firemen eventually were able to extinguish the flames, but one person who was trapped inside the vehicle underneath the tractor trailer succumbed. There was no information if there was someone else inside the vehicle.

The accident caused lots of mess as crews are currently dealing with fuel spilled during the accident as well as power outages.

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