A single-vehicle crash in Jessamine County early Tuesday morning caused the death of one person and two suffered injuries.

Police received a call reporting a car accident off Lexington Road, near Drake Lane outside of Wilmore, at around 2:15 o’clock in the morning. Police stated that the car was heading north toward Lexington when it veered towards the left side of the road. It went airborne and crashed into a tree.

Witnesses and the police saw impact marks visible nearly six feet up the trunk. The crash hurled one person from the vehicle. Rescue crews were able to pull a second passenger from the back seat. But the third man inside the car died.

The two survivors were transported to the UK Hospital. No other information regarding the mishap was given out nor the extent of their injuries.

Police considered speed as a likely factor in the accident, but the accident remains under investigation.

Last week, two people suffered injuries in a crash along Man O’ War Boulevard early Monday morning.

Police reported that a woman was driving her vehicle on the wrong way along the outer loop between Belleau Wood Way and Osbourn Way around 5 o’clock in the morning. She crashed her vehicle into an oncoming pickup truck. The truck turned over while the car fell into a ditch a short distance away.

Firefighters had to extricate the driver out of the wreckage of the truck. EMS took both the operator and passenger of the truck to the hospital for treatment. Officials did not release any information on the extent of their injuries.

Police reported that the woman driving the car was not injured. Officers are charging her with DUI.

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Source: Lexington 18.Com

Source: Lexington 18.Com