Give information that can lead to the arrest of  multiple hit-and-run drivers and get a cool sum of $1,000. This is the amount Crime Stoppers is offering as reward for any information that get the killers of John Paul Lee arrested. This accident is in connection with the July death of John Paul Lee, age 27, who was run over several times at the vicinity of St. Mary St. and Eight Mile Rd. that even medical examiners was not able to determine how many cars ran over over his body.

According to the police, none of the drivers stopped but they kept on going. As of now, no witness has come forward to give information about passing vehicles that did the act.

Upon the arrival of the police, they saw the battered victim sprawled in the middle of the road. His family mentioned that Lee does not drive a car as he loved going around the city on foot on foot which offered him more opportunities to meet and communicate with new people. He was such a friendly soul who never failed to reach out to strangers. He wants to make friends, especially with the senior citizens who loved a conversation or two and with the homeless.

Now, it was time for the Lee family to ask for help from strangers that John Paul had befriended. Surely, those people on the streets he befriended might have gathered information about the accident.

Jermaine Boswell, a member of the family members said that any person faced with this situation, you is definitely expecting a witness to come forward to offer what they know. The family is only asking for justice. We know that the perpetuators whoever they are cannot take away feelings of guilt. There is God who knows who they are. It will heal their conscience if they turn themselves in.
Tracey, who is Lee’s sister, added that with guilty conscience nobody can have any peace. The least that the family is asking from you is to assist in making the process just a little easier.

A $1,000 is offered as a reward by Crime Stoppers for information that leads to the arrest of several DUI that caused the death of Lee. The organization is doubling the reward to the amount of $2,000 if the information is given before midnight on Friday. Anyone who witnessed, saw or knew something related to the crime, please give the organization a call. Informant will remain anonymous.

Texas Crime Stoppers also provides training, education and resources to law enforcement agencies and the general public. The objective of the group is to stop crime and to fulfill justice. They believe that it is the responsibility of every to stop crimes.

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Source: My Fox DFW Com