A three vehicular car accident involving a truck that ran into a red light, crashing a passenger car and forcing a bus to veer into a building on a Tuesday at Brooklyn had hurt a total of twelve individuals.

The ramble had happened at Ocean Avenue and avenue J in Midwood at around 9:55 in the morning, according to the police.

The truck that ran into a red light was registered to the Jewish Association Servicing the Aging and was heading south on Ocean Avenue when it hit a Toyota Corolla traveling west on Avenue J. the said truck had turned over to its side.

The bus was heading eastbound on Avenue J had attempted to void the collision by swerving away from it but instead crashed into an apartment building.

Fortunately, no pedestrians were struck in the accident that ensued. Injured victims of the vehicles involved were brought to different hospitals such as Kings County Hospital, Maimonides and Lutheran Medical Center all of whom were reported to have sustained minor injuries, cops said.

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