Police reported about a 14-year-old boy from Atlantic County who pilfered the key of her Mom’s car, drove the vehicle and while operating the car finally crashed the vehicle on a fence.

According to the police, this teener just couldn’t wait for the time when he would be able to drive legally; he stole the car, drove along Blaine Avenue in Atlantic City and unable to manage the vehicle crashed into a fence.

Last Tuesday afternoon, the 14-year-old lad wanted to take a joy ride in his mother’s car around Atlantic City and smashed against a car being driven by a law enforcement officer.

The mother told police that her son at around 3:15 o’ clock that noon, took her Chevy Malibu which was parked at Adriatic Avenue’s 1100 block.

Investigators said that the car already committed a hit-and –run crash at Route 30. The car hit another vehicle which was being operated by an investigator working at the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office.

Police stated that after the mishap, the young boy fee the scene and finally crashed into a fence of a house in Blaine Avenue.

The culprit was traveling with a companion, a 22-year-old Isiah Jones; they were both apprehended a few blocks away from the crash. The authorities are charging the juvenile with criminal mischief and violation of a motor vehicle. His companion, Jones received charges for resisting arrest and obstructing the administration of law. Police added that they are working on more charges to be filed.

In Philadelphia, the initial learner’s  Permit to drive is issued to any individual who is 16 years of age or older.

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