A huge pileup of more than a hundred vehicles in Southeast Texas illustrated the capacity of many people to save lives. This was shown when some motorists involved in one of the highest number of Texas highway pileup went out of their way to save the lives of other victims in the crash.

There were only two fatalities but several people were hurt when about140 vehicles caused a pileup due to the incidence of dense fog at Southeast Texas. Various types of vehicles were wrecked and distorted on top of each other while authorities were pulling out victims from the wreckage.

It was at about 8:15 o’clock in the morning when the chain-reaction mishap happened due to the excessive foggy conditions at the I-10 located southwest of Gulf Coast City of Beaumont located just about 80 miles east of Houston.

There were two fatalities; a man and his wife who were killed inside their Chevy Suburban SUV after it was crushed by a tractor trailer.

Rod Carroll, Jefferson County sheriff’s Deputy, reported that around 80 to 90 people were delivered to different hospitals with 10 to 12 of them in serious to critical condition. He said around 140 to 150 vehicles were involved in the pileup.

DPS said that a single crash which happened along the eastbound side of the highway was the start of the other accidents leading to dangerous chain reaction. At the other side of the highway, some multiple crashes also occurred.

Carroll said that there was scramble of18-wheelers on top of wheelers, wheelers on top of cars and cars on top of each. It was truly catastrophic.

At first, the authorities and even the press did not realize that it was a pile=up collision. The fog was so dense that it was difficult to see what lies ahead.

Carroll mentioned that the uninjured drivers and motorists tried to help as they sorted through the wreckage. It was a comforting sight to see people helping each other. They were helping the authorities in sitting, holding and putting pressure on people that were injured.

The highway was crowded with many motorists traveling during the holiday. There were even vehicles that were moving near a 70 MPH posted speed as dense fog limited their visibility.

The collision was inevitable as the roadway was extremely foggy at about 8:45 o’clock in the morning. The visibility of the road was so poor during Thanksgiving Day at the Interstate 10 southwest of Beaumont.

It was confirmed that a man and a woman died as their Chevy SUV Suburban collided with a tractor trailer. The fatalities were identified as Debra Leggio, age 60 and her husband, Vincent Leggio age 64.

Rod Carroll from the Jefferson County sheriff’s Deputy confirmed that there were 80 to 90 injured people who were transported to different hospitals of the area sustaining serious to critical injuries. Estimated number of vehicles damaged was from 140 to 150 of all types from big rigs, truck and cars.

Carroll blamed the fog as the major factor as it was so dense that the deputies didn’t immediately realize they were dealing with pile-up multiple accidents. He said it was heartening to see uninjured drivers helping as authorities sorted through the wreckage.

It is important to know is that people care for each other. With the coming holiday, there were so many people on the road bound for different destinations. At least help was available and that the injured were delivered to various hospitals in the most efficient way.

Due to the pile-up, the area was closed for more than eight hours. Intestate -10’s eastbound lanes were re-opened Thursday evening.

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