At least a 15-year-old  Girl dies in crash in Texas from a fatal car accident at around 8:00 o’clock on a Saturday evening,

The fatality was identified as Abigail Jasmine Galvan who was unable to stop her vehicle at the corner of Frontage Rd. along express way 83. Abigail was driving northward along Silver Spur in her Ford Mustang, and for reasons yet unknown, she was unable to stop at the stop sign. She went over the two front lanes and careened to the onramp. An oncoming Dodge Stratus driven by a male impacted Abigail’s Ford Mustang.

Her seat belt was not fastened. Abigail’s female passenger in the car was immediately airlifted by ambulance helicopter to an area hospital. She sustained non-life threatening injuries and after treatment was soon released. The male driver of the Dodge Stratus was not press charges. BAC test did not show involvement of alcohol or drugs as main factors leading to the crash.

Guadalupe Galvan who is Abigail’s mother, was shocked and was wondering cannot understand why her daughter was not able to notice the stop sign.

She was bewildered as Abigail has been driving along that street everyday to and from school.  She must have seen and knew that there was a stop sign there, lamented Guadalupe Galvan, mother of Abigail

Authorities are continuing their probe while Guadalupe Galvan will have to wait ten days before DPS will be able to releases a report of the result of the investigation. Guadalupe spoke to one of the friends of her daughter who was in the car that day.

Galvan said she came yesterday and stated she was in the car crash but she cannot remember what happened. Galvan said that with her daughter gone, she will never know the real story.

But with the investigation ongoing, she will be able to get her answers soon.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has confirmed the identity of the 15-year-old driver was killed in Palmview. She is Abigail Jasmine Galvan resident from Mission. At around 8:00 o’clock in the evening of Saturday, she was driving a Ford 2005 Mustang along the intersection of Silver Spur Drive and U.S. Expressway 83.

Troopers from DPS said the young driver was running northbound and was unable to stop at a stop sign. This caused the Dodge Stratus’ driver who was traveling east along the outside lane of the Frontage Road to impact the Mustang on the driver side door.

The authorities discovered that Galvan was without any seat belt at the time of the accident and due to the impact; she expired at the crash site.

Her15-year-old passenger who also resided in Mission sustained injuries and was delivered to the Medical Hospital of McAllen. She is now recuperating and on her way to recovery.

A 23-year-old man from Mission was identified as the operator of the Dodge Stratus was airlifted by ambulance helicopter to an area hospital and is listed in stable condition.

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