Sunday morning, September 26, 2010, a car collision occurred on the IH 35 in downtown Austin which involved four vehicles.  This left two people injured and another one dead.  It happened at around 9:30 in the morning right in the 900 block north of IH 35 southbound.  The site is near the 6th – 12th St exit.  Among the four vehicles involved, one was an 18 wheeler says APD Sgt. Crystal Holland.  Police officers closed the lanes going south on the IH 35 to make way for emergency crew and also for a thorough investigation of the accident to be conducted.  Traffic went at a slow space for a few hours.  When the scene was finally cleared, it was reopened to traffic.

When eyewitnesses of the accident were interviewed, they said that it was caused by a sudden traffic slowdown.  There was a chain reaction with the vehicles on the interstate where one of the vehicles suddenly slowed its pace and the vehicles following right behind it did not slow down in time.  It was not clear which of the vehicles started the chain reaction traffic slowdown.  There were no reports either on whether the 18 wheeler toppled over.  The four vehicles piled up on the interstate and only then did the other vehicles following behind them get to stop.  A press conference was held outside the police headquarters later that the day to provide for additional information about the accident.

From the four vehicles that collided with each other on IH 35, three people were rushed to the University Medical Center Brackenridge Hospital for checkup and treatment.  Their identities were not released.  Two of the three injured suffered non-life threatening injuries.  The third victim, a female passenger in one of the vehicles involved in the accident was pronounced dead upon arrival at the medical center.

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