CHATSWORTH  At least two men were injured on Friday night after two vehicles – truck and bus had a collision in Chatsworth.

The crash happened after 9:30 p.m. in Topanga Canyon Boulevard’s 9900 block near Lassen Street.

The impact was so great that one of the men was trapped inside the wreckage. Emergency crew had to free victim from the damaged vehicle.

The 40-year-old driver of the truck was brought to the hospital under life threatening condition.

According to Erik Scott of the Los Angeles Fire Department, the man of 49 years who was operating the bus was in fair condition as his injuries were minor.

As investigation is ongoing, no other information of the accident was given out to the press.

Truckersmust always consider these safety practices when out on the road: Foremost is wellness – they must look after themselves by staying healthy and well-rested. Making it a good practice to slow down when entering work zones and keeping away from danger zones. It is also always a safety measure to keep distance between your vehicles and others on the road. A truck kept in top condition will bring you to your destination whole. Defensive driving is your best attitude on the road as aggressive driving will end in a crash. Lastly, keep yourself updated by participating in safety events.

Whether you own your truck or it belongs to your company, you should add safety devices to minimize accidents: they are seat belts, GDP devices, back view devices, alarms and a good brake transmission shift interlock device. Your safety, as well as others on the road is you greatest concern.

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