SANTA CLARITA — Authorities reported of two separate car collisions which happened in Santa Clarita last Monday involving two deputies.

At around 10:15 o’clock in the evening, two sheriff’s patrol cars collided while answering a 911 call. Two deputies were slightly injured by the collision which also involved one civilian vehicle.

Lt. John Rush of the Los Angeles County sheriff’s Santa Clarita Valley Station reported that the mishap occurred at the corner of Valencia Boulevard and Creekside Road. Both deputies suffered minor injuries and were being examined at a hospital, Rush said.

At the same time, it was reported that another deputy patrol car was involved in another collision at Soledad Canyon and Bouquet Canyon roads. Fortunately, no one sustained injuries.

Less than a month ago, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy was involved in a car crash near the USC campus on a Wednesday night.

According to the Police, an operator identified as Raymond Chacon was driving eastward along Exposition Boulevard when the sheriff’s patrol car got in front of his minivan. Chacon, who was on his way home from work, said he could not avoid slamming into the car in time.

He related that he was driving eastbound when the sheriff came from the left…with no siren…and came right in front of him. He had no chance to stop.

Chacon said that a person who was detained in the back seat of the deputy’s car was screaming after the accident.

The driver and the sheriff sustained only minor injuries and were treated at the local hospital. No other vehicles and persons were invo9lved in the crash.

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