April 19, 2013

A mother of three girls killed in a fatal New York wrong way car crash tells NBC that she hopes people will remember her daughters and not just the crash that killed them and five other people. The interview is scheduled to air Friday.

But relatives of father and son victim Michael and Guy Bastardi of Yonkers, New York say that they are still anxious to hear for Jackie Nance or members of her family to acknowledge the truth about that horrific day in 2009.

The truth according to them is that Diane Schuler, Hance’s sister-in-law caused the crash by driving while intoxicated and high into traffic. Furthermore Hance’s husband could have prevented the crash had he called the police when he learned that Schuler was having trouble driving that day.

“To this day, it still haunts me why they never called 911,” Michael Bastardi Jr. said Wednesday. “That could have saved everyone’s life that day.”

It was the worst car crash in Westchester County, NY in 75 years. Schuler of West Babylon, NY drove the wrong way on Taconic State Parkway in Mount Pleasant NY. She hit Bastardi’s vehicle head on and killed the Bastardi’s 81 and 49 and their friend Daniel Longo 74. Also killed were Schuler, her daughter Erin and her three nieces, Emma Alyson and Kate Hance.

It was discovered that Schuler had a blood alcohol of 0.19% twice the legal limit and enough THC in her system to show that she had been smoking marijuana during the trip. The Bastardi’s anger grew when they watched Schuler’s husband Daniel deny that his wife had been drinking suggesting instead that an abscessed tooth was the cause.

Roseann Bastardi Guzzo who lost both her father and brother during the crash said she remains upset by the Hance and Schuler family’s actions after the accident occurred. However she is writing a book with the help of a ghost writer that offers forgiveness.

“You can’t go backwards, you can only go forward,” said Guzzo, who teaches in a Catholic education program.

“I forgive Diane,” she said. “Do I forgive the sins? No. Do I forgive the lies? No. But I do forgive the human being.”

She said she would like to meet Jackie Hance and her family someday.

“I’d just like to look at them and say, ‘We should have done this differently from the get go.’ ”

Michael Bastardi Jr., who wrote another book, “The Taconic Tragedy: A Son’s Search for the Truth,” is not about to offer forgiveness.

“There is no excuse for what she did that day. And as far as Daniel Schuler, he’s been lying about this from the day it happened.”

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Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/04/17/new-york-fatal-wrong-way-crash/2091615/