MONROE TOWNSHIP— Monday afternoon, a three-car accident rocked the Turnpike at 1:48 o’clock in the afternoon. It sent both the Monroe and Jamesburg Fire departments, as well as the State Police of New Jersey scurrying to the scene. They were needed to the extinguish fires and to extricate many passengers. The good news is that none of the persons involved in the crash sustained any major injuries, the State Police confirmed tonight.

The first vehicle was a Lexus Sedan, which for unknown reason, veered and crashed into the left lane barrier. Then the second car, a Nissan Altima which was nearby was hit by the Sedan. The impact caused the car to be propelled sideways towards the middle lane. There, it hit the third vehicle, a Ford F150 pickup truck. The truck was sent barreling into the right lane. At this juncture, vehicles 2 and 3 both exploded into flames upon impact. When vehicle 1 landed in the left land, it, too, was set ablaze.

The first car was operated by 42-year-old man identified as Bernard Emejuru with Ejondu Okiki, age 39, in the passenger seat. She sustained a head injury but is now in stable condition. In the backseat was their baby, Kamsiniocs Emejuru, 17 months old. Although the baby did not suffer any injuries, he and his parents were all taken to and examined at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick. The family resides in Brooklyn, NY.

The second car was driven by Wayne Waldron, age 54, and a resident in Bangor, Pennsylvania. He was alone in the car and he sustained no injuries.

The pick-up truck was driven by 22 years old Colin Pascik who comes from Monroe. In the front passenger seat was Quinn Miller, age 23, a resident from Newport, California. Neither of them sustained injuries. The backseat passengers were 22 years old Clayton Pascik, who is Colin’s twin brother, and Lauren Wilson, age 21, from Old Bridge. Neither of them required medical attention.

As of 6:47 late afternoon, the roadwork on the New Jersey Turnpike southbound from South of Interchange 8A – NJ 32 in Monroe Twp to South of Molly Pitcher Service Area in Cranbury Township was reopened to traffic. The right lane was closed to traffic until 6:00 in the morning.

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