A T special mobility bus crashed into another vehicle late Monday morning leaving three people injured with one of them in critical condition.

The accident took place in 5200 block of Campus Drive, in the vicinity of VA Center at about 11:30o’clock in the morning.

There were two people injured on the bus, and one was in the pickup.

The police are trying to find out who was at fault and continuing their investigation.

Weeks ago, the Mesquite police reported that on Wednesday night, they were chasing a man along LBJ Freeway. The man lost control of his car and crashed into three other vehicles. He was injured and brought to the hospital for treatment.

According to police, at around 11 o’clock in the evening, officers were answering a call involving a suspicious person on the 1100 block of Thistle Drive. Police saw a man driving a white Honda and upon apprehension learned that he was a suspect of an offense in Garland. The man fled from officers who had approached him and led them into a chase along the U.S. Highway 80.

The suspect was identified as Scott Banks age 28 who continued driving his car along the LBJ Freeway. Along the way his car collided with three other vehicles as he attempted to drive between them.

After a while, the man lost control of his car, which then overturned several times. Banks was injured and transported to Baylor University Medical Center. The drivers of the three other vehicles were not injured.

Banks is now facing a double charge of evading arrest with a vehicle and driving without insurance.

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