Multiple car accidents causing several deaths at the corner of 31st and Kedzie in Chicago was given special concern by the police department.


Authorities reported that three women and one man died while two others were seriously injured from a car crash in the neighborhood of Little Village early Saturday morning.

Chief Joe Roccasalva, a Chicago Fire Department spokesman reported that the accident occurred at about 1 a.m. near the intersection of 31st Street and Kedzie Avenue.


At least two women and a man died at this accident-prone area, said Roccasalva. Two injured victims were taken to the Mount Sinai Hospital, but one of them later died. The surviving victim was brought to Stroger Hospital.

Spokesman announced that Cook County Medical Examiner office was able to identify three of the four victims. Gabriella Sanchez, 19, of the 3000 block of South Kolin Avenue was pronounced dead at 1:27 a.m. at Mount Sinai Hospital, while Cecilia Gentil, 25, and Norma Montesinos, 29, both residing in 2800 block of South Avers expired shortly after 3:30 a.m. at the Stein Institute.

The fourth victim was already identified by relatives as Ramon Gentil, 24 but as of early Saturday evening, the medical examiner’s office did not release the name of the fourth victim.

A family member said that one niece and one nephew died in the crash and she complained that  the police had not yet spoken to the family about the cause of the crash.

The victims’ aunt related that she received a call from her son-in-law, who was the sole survivor of the crash and is currently recuperating in the hospital. He narrated that they said were all in a car accident; and after he gave the message the phone went dead.

The aunt recounted that the group was on their way to buy polish sausages for dinner but they didn’t make the purchase. She does not know the name the other two people who were injured in the car.

Donald Mascio claimed that the two fatalities, Norma Montesinos and Cecilia Gentil were his nieces. Both women are mothers and their children were placed under the care of family members. Ramon Gentil, Cecilia’s brother and his nephew who was also killed in the crash, was described by Mascio as a nice and peaceful man who never started any trouble.

Initial investigation by the police showed that the car heading north towards Kedzie was travelling at a high rate of speed so it hit a light pole, possibly after avoiding a semitrailer. After a while, the vehicle was speeding east on 31st Street and was possibly being chased by another vehicle before crashing into the pole. All the passengers were ejected while the car was torn apart. The police reported that only the driver survived.

There were no details available on the other survivors while the police department’s Major Accidents Investigations Unit continues its investigation.

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