April 6th, 2013

4 Filipinos lost their lives in a police car chase gone wrong in Miami Florida. The foursome came to watch a basketball game in Fort Lauderdale Florida; they did not make it back to their hotel. A suspect being chased by Florida law enforcement caused a wrong-way crash that killed them.

All victims were of Filipino decent. One of them was an officer of the United States Navy while 2 were representatives of a Philippine based company. According to reports all four died instantly on Interstate 95 when a suspect being chased by the police made a wrong turn and crashed his SUV into a Kia Minivan coming from the southbound lane.

According to police the victims were identified as Dennis Ryan Rinon Ortiz, 33, of Daly City, California; Albertson Anthony Almase, 31, and his sister, Kristina, 26, both of Fort Lauderdale and Lily Marie Azarcon, 26, of the Philippines.

Police say the crash began when the Chevy Suburban did an improper right turn on an Opa-locka street corner. Investigators say that a police officer saw it and turned on his lights and siren. The suspect then hit the gas and the chase began.

“When it was over, the four were dead, innocent victims in a chassis-shredding, wrong way crash that shut down I-95 for hours,” reported The Miami Herald.

Police identify the suspect as Willie Dummel, 26. He was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital to treat his broken legs.

According to Opa-locka police officers Cpl. Sergio Perez stopped chasing the SUV once it entered the interstate going the wrong way. They say that a gun was flung out of the SUV, and that gun had been recovered near the crash site.

Opa-locka officers said Cpl. Sergio Perez, quit pursuing when the SUV entered the interstate going the wrong way, according to news reports. The city claimed that a gun was flung out of the SUV, and that the gun had been recovered near the crash scene.

Police in Miami are conducting an investigation to shed more light on the incident.

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