LEBANON, Ohio — At least four people died today in a car accident. A pickup truck ran off the road in southwest Ohio, ejecting and killing all four people inside as it rolled over and landed in the front yard of a house, strewing clothes and other articles along its path.

According to the Lebanon post of the State Highway Patrol, the crash took place occurred just before 5 o’clock early morning on a road north of Interstate 71 near Lebanon. It seemed so pathetic that all occupants of the truck died at the scene. Debris from the vehicle included beer cans and a floor mat that was hanging from a tree branch. The truck rolled over and landed about 100 feet from the road.

Timothy Back, owner of the property where the truck landed, told the newspaper that his yard had an array of tools, clothing articles, shoes. Ashley Back, wife of the land, told reporter that crash sounded just like thunder.

Patrol Lt. Matt Hamilton told the Middletown Journal that the debris at the scene was a proof that it was such a violent crash.
As the emergency crews were cleaning the site, the road was blocked for about seven hours.

Patrol spokeswoman Lt. Anne Ralston said that they suspected that excessive speed and alcohol are factors contributing to the crash. The patrol said that the truck was traveling north on a road in Warren County when the driver apparently lost control before a curve and the truck went off the left side of the road.

The patrol identified the victims: Jonathan Kroninger, 21, of Waynesville; Benjamin Edwards, 26, of Lebanon; Brittany Gerondale, 26, of Morrow; and Rose Feltner, 22 of New Vienna.

Area media outlets reported that the four apparently were playing cards at a house about a mile away from the crash site shortly before the accident happened.

Due to the brutal nature of the crash, the driver was not immediately identified as the case remains under investigation. The patrol was still trying to determine where the truck’s occupants were sitting in the vehicle. None of the four apparently was wearing seat belts, according to the patrol.

Wednesday marked the start of the Thanksgiving holiday traffic fatality count. Police reported at least 17 traffic fatalities on Ohio roads during last year’s Thanksgiving holiday travel period.

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