Apr 15, 2013

5 people including 3 teenagers were killed Saturday in Florida in a car crash at an interstate exit ramp authorities said.

Investigators say that the driver of a 2008 Mercedes that was believed to be speeding as he exited Interstate 95 then ran a red light on Riviera Beach around 5 miles north of West Palm Beach shortly after midnight.

According to Florida Highway Patrol Lt Tim Firth, 21 year-old Jabari Kemp’s vehicle slammed into a 1994 Lexus carrying 5 people with ages ranging from 14 to 22. The impact caused 4 people to be ejected from the car. Only one passenger was wearing a seat belt.

Four people were pronounced dead on the scene. The fifth victim died after being taken to a nearby hospital.

“It’s every parent’s worst fear,” Frith said. “The families right now are the main concern.”

The victims were identified as Makita Cambell, 14; Shonteria Grimsley, 17; Jason Mahlung 21 and Christina Oliver Joseph, 17 all from Riviera Beach in South Florida. Another victim a 22 year old male that was also killed in the crash has not yet been identified.

According to Firth, Kemp was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital in serious but non-life threatening injuries. Troopers will be conducting a complete traffic homicide investigation. No charges have been filed as of this writing. Kemp’s blood alcohol level will also be checked for indications of alcohol and drugs.

Frith said, “We’re not ruling out anything at this point.”

According to reports the two young men in the Lexus were at an apartment complex until 11:30 pm, Friday. Sometime after, they were believed to have picked up the three girls who were seated in the back seat of the Lexus. It is not known where they were headed.

Firth said Kemp was driving at “a high rate of speed” as he was exiting the ramp and then hit the Lexus.

There is no answer to telephone calls directed to the Kemp’s number in Florida.

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