The driver who was involved in a hit-and-run incident that had seriously injured a 7-year-old girl in Santa Ana on Tuesday night is being searched by the police.

The victim, Evelyn Lopez, was walking together with her mother on the sidewalk when she darted into the street at around 5 in the afternoon. The girl was then struck by a dark colored SUV and dragged her 30-40 feet before the driver fled the scene.

Multiple security cameras were able to catch the incident. Footages show that the driver had braked twice—first when the vehicle was hit and when the girl was thrown free.

According to Captain Anthony Bertagna, the footage suggests that the driver knew that he had hit something and then escaped the scene.

Evelyn remained in the hospital on Tuesday night, according to her relatives. She will undergo surgery to reduce the swelling in her brain. Her condition was listed to be stable. Her relatives added that when Evelyn was hit, she was attempting to go to her apartment store complex which was on the other side of the road because her siblings were present.

According to Edward Rivas, he does not know what to say at the moment since what happened was pretty crazy and they are just waiting for news about her condition. He added that they all care and just want to know what is going to happen to Evelyn.

Investigators believe that the vehicle was a black Toyota 4 Runner, said Bertagna. Anyone with information with regards to the incident is asked to contact the police.

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