TEMECULA, Calif.-: A 9-year-old girl has died after a horrifying crash in Temecula. According to the police, the girl’s mother was drunk driving and speeding up to 100 miles per hour.

The victim, 9-year-old Chloe Honeycutt, was left with a memorial of flowers, candles and stuffed animals on the spot where she was killed.

Behind the wheel of the car was her mother, 41-year-old Karen Honeycutt, who, as investigators say, was drinking and speeding when she crashed the vehicle. She sustained injuries as well her two other children.

Stephanie Nedik came on Friday at the site to lay flowers. She said that she could not believe that a mother would do such thing.

Chloe attends Pauba Valley Elementary School. According to Chloe’s teacher, Chloe was a sweet, kind hearted, and exceptional girl who they will always remember.

Lorraine Yelton, a witness in the crash, had held the child in her arms during her final moments. Yelton would just like to let the family know that Chloe did not die alone after the incident because she held her in her arms and told the little girl that her mother and father loved her.

Karen Honeycutt is scheduled to appear in court today but her injuries had not permitted her to do so. Honeycutt is held on a $1 million bail.

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