A train loaded with at least 200 passengers crashed with semi stalled on tracks in the north area of Los Angeles County thereby injuring three people.

According to the L.A. County Sheriff, the accident involved a semi-truck bearing more than a dozen cars and Metrolink train. The mishap occurred at around 9:30 Saturday evening in Newhall California.

The good news was that there was no fatality and the truck driver was able to get away before the crash, as reported by Bill Weiss who is the spokesman for the sheriff’s department.

At least three injured passengers were immediately transported and treated at a nearby hospital. The police are still investigating how much was the speed of the train. The train was severely damaged by the collision and could not move out from the scene.

At this moment, authorities are trying to determine if the training was traveling at the legal speed. But the police reported that the truck was severely wrecked and the train appeared unable to leave the scene. A bus was provided for passengers so they could continue their journey.

There were more than 200 passengers in the train which collided with the semi carrying more than a dozen cars which stalled on the railway in the northern country of Los Angeles. There were also three persons injured. The department confirmed that three of the train’s 220 passengers suffered from minor injuries and were treated in the local hospital. No other vehicle was damaged and no other person was injured. Investigation of the crash is ongoing to find which cases will be filed and to whom.

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