Another celebrity is in trouble! Chris Brown, American recording star, was involved in a car accident in L. A. last Saturday after an entertainment reported allegedly became over-aggressive and ensnared his car in a dead-end.

Brown’s agent stated that the artist was not hurt but his car was a total wreck. According to his rep, Brown was going to a charity affair at the Dance Academy of Debbie Allen when two vehicles tried to cut him off.

The next happening was weird as one of the passengers in the car hopped out with his camera and forcefully came to the singer’s vehicle. In Brown’s attempt to get away, he started to back out of the alley but he was blocked off by two other vehicles.

His agent said that the car was totally damaged but Brown was not seriously harmed. No other person sustained injury as Brown was alone.

Born on May 7, 1989, Christopher Maurice Brown, popularly known as Chris Brown is an American actor, dancer and rescording artist.

Through his lawyers, /Chris Brown is preparing a legal suit against the paparazzi, whom he alleged were responsible for his car crashing in an alley last Saturday in L.A.

As Gossip Cop confirmed that Brown’s Porsche was trapped in a cul-de-sac by some aggressive entertainment reporters who rushed out from their cars with cameras to ambushed interview the actor. Brown wanted to escape from the harassment started to back down the alley. In the process, he crashed his car.

Now, the paparazzi will be facing a suit and will have to explain in court for their actions. However, the reporters denied that they harassed the actor and claimed that brown already crashed his car when they arrived in the scene. But Brown is bent on filing criminal charges and making them civilly liable for the disaster.

During the recent Grammy Awards night last Sunday, Brown was present after the crashing incident but he seemed relaxed and had on a smiling demeanor. The 23 year-old actor was dressed in a dapper white Lavin suit minus a tie and walked at the red carpet. He answered some of the questions regarding his accident and said that he crashed his Porsche in trying to elude the paparazzi.

He said he will get another car as the insurance is fine.

His Fortune record was nominated on the category of best urban contemporary album during Sunday’s Grammy; however, the award went to Frank Ocean.

Many celebrity followers recalled that four years ago, Brown was also in hot waters when he physically assault his girl friend, singer Rihanna, the night before the 2009 awards.

Brown gave a guilty plea to the 2009 beating and is still o probation. Last week, an L.A. judge said that Brown has yet to accomplish his community service penalty and complained that the actor is cutting corners.

During last Sunday’s event, it seemed that all’s well that ends well with the couple. Rihanna and Brown seem to have resumed their relationship although they did not walk on the res carpet together.

That Sunday night, everything was forgiven and forgotten as the love birds cuddled beside each other. The notorious singer was all smile as he hugges his girlfriend who leaned sweetly on his shoulders.

Last Wednesday, Brown attended a probation hearing in Los Angeles court where he is facing the allegation that he was not able to complete a community work sentence impose for assaulting his girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

Since the judge was asking for more data, the nest hearing is scheduled within two months. No case was filed against him for the crash of his Porsche.

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