ST. LOUIS, MO – A tow truck driver of AAA has been fatally struck by a hit and run driver on I-70 on Monday night.

The deceased victim was identified to be David Bense, Sr. He was killed in the accident around 9:20 evening of Monday. Bense was fatally struck by Aaron Bogue while helping a couple lay flares on the road because their vehicle had broken down on 70 and O’Fallon. Instead of stopping, Bogue had allegedly fled the scene where he was shortly apprehended by the police with the help of a witness who trailed Bogue as he was attempting to flee the scene. The witness then contacted the police which resulted in the arrest of Bogue.

Bense’s family is devastated upon learning the unfortunate demise of their loved one. Bense’s cousin who also works under AAA was shocked to find out, upon arriving on the scene, that the driver who he was supposed to help out was his cousin.

According to AAA officials, after all the years they have spent helping out motorists at St. Louis, it was their first time to lose an employee in this manner.

Bogue is charged with leaving the scene of an injury accident and according to police, more charges will likely come up as investigation continues.

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 Man Charged In Fatal Hit And Run Accident