March 25, 2013

There are millions of cars plying the roads in and around Texas with thousands of car accidents occurring every minute. Only few accidents are inevitable as most accidents could have been averted through careful driving habits and increased driver awareness.

According to Texas driving statistics, passengers of cars were the most likely victims of motor vehicle, with more than 34% of all road fatalities; while the occupants of pickups and SUVs came second in rank with 32%. Motorcycle riders and pedestrians were next with 15% and 14% respectively. Rigs or large truck drivers constituted only 2 % while bikers had only 1%.  Surprising for some is the fact that 55% of traffic fatalities happened in rural areas with 45% occurred in urban areas.

Passengers of cars rated 34% of road fatalities.  A family of four died early morning of Saturday when a pickup truck coming from the opposite direction veered into their lane and collided with their car. The truck driver sustained critical but non life-threatening injuries. However, the family who were residents of Cleveland, Texas, was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics a few minutes after the collision.

Around 32% of the occupants of pick-ups and SUV are likely fatal victims of car accidents. Late Saturday night, two trucks collided in the College Station which claimed the lives of two college students. Four of the six people in the first truck were transported to College Station Medical Center while the other two and the 2nd truck driver were delivered to Bryan’s St. Joseph Hospital. The mishap took place at about 9:50 o’clock in the evening at College Station’s Block 1300 of FM 2818.

Motorcycle riders made up 15% of road victims. L.A. resident, 2nd Lt. Jason Elliot Black of the U.S. Air Force, age 26, died of a motorcycle crash on U.S. 90 northwest of Del Rio early Friday at about 3:00 o’clock in the morning. He was thrown from his motorcycle, a Kawasaki 2009 Ninja while traveling along U.S. 90. This mishap is under investigation by the Department of Public Safety of Texas.

Pedestrian fatalities come next with the rate of 14%.  Pedestrian, identified as Nathan Rowell, age 34, was walking along Access Road. At about 2:00 o’clock that Friday afternoon, he was struck and killed by a vehicle. Rowell was declared dead on the scene. The police are conducting an investigation of accident.

Rig victims are only 2% but it is still fatal. Early Sunday morning, one victim was killed in the Southeast of Dallas when a pickup truck crashed head-on with a big 18-wheeler.The rig driver said that his rear mirror viewed the Chevy 1992 Silverado as it was swerving towards the left side before it struck the rear of his big rig. The pickup truck was propelled underneath the trailer and its driver was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators believed that speed was the main factor of the crash.

Even with 1% bicyclist victims are still aplenty along the road side. Bicyclist, 64-year-old Bob Bfarr died after he was struck on his bicycle by an SUV on FM 2499 Monday afternoon near the north of Harlington Drive. The bicycle and an SUV were going south along the right lane when they collided. Pfarr died on the scene while the female operator, age 19, was not injured. Pfarr, like his father, was avid cyclist.

Rural roads are more dangerous than urban roads since more country routes tend to have higher fatality rates. People in rural areas tend to drive faster so crashes are more deadly. Head-on collisions are more common in country areas as there is rarely separation of two-lane roads. Safety features as guard rails, are lacking. In rural areas, fewer people are available to help as hospitals maybe located far away. No chance of giving immediate medical attention.

Many drivers in rural areas are older, so more susceptible to injury. Fewer people are spread out in rural areas to apprehend DUI, over-speeding, driver’s license & insurance, texting and not wearing seat belts.

Car Accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering in addition to economic damages.


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