A crash in Goodyear AZ happened to preschoolers aboard a school bus; however only three were hurt but the others escaped injury.

Lisa Kutis, the spokesperson of Goodyear police said that it was a two- vehicle collision at the corner of Yuma and Cotton Lane that Tuesday afternoon. It appeared that he car driver did not follow a stop sign.

There were three kids rushed to the hospital sustaining minor injuries, Kutis said. The other five preschoolers inside the bus were not harmed.

Investigation of the crash is ongoing.

Police reported that a school bus crashed at intersection of Yuma and Cotton Lane last Tuesday in the Goodyear area that injured three children.

According Goodyear Police Department officers, a driver was operating a bus for a school in one of the school district and he was traveling through the area some time after noon. As the bus was nearing the intersection of Cotton Lane and Yuma Road, it saw that another vehicle was entering the intersection. A collision ensued.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and delivered three children in the car to a nearby local hospital for treatment of minor injuries. Authorities learned that the driver of the car entered the intersection during a stop sign; he was running a red light.

At least the other five students on board the bus were not injured. The three injured kids transported to the local hospital were listed under stable condition as they sustained only minor injuries.

Under Arizona traffic laws, school bus regulations are adopted by their advisory school bus council. The main goal of the council was to to establish rules to ensure the safety of school bus passengers and minimize school bus crashes. School buses are considered the safest and most economical way for children togo to school.

When a school bus crash happened, it involves directly or indirectly, a school bus-type vehicle, or any kind of vehicle utilized as a school bus for bringing children to or from school or attending school-related activities.

Based on records, since 1995, there were about 416,295 fatal traffic crashes that occurred. Of these numbers, only about 0.33 % was classified as school transportation-related. Since the year1995, about 1,509 people have died in school transportation-related crashes that average around 137 fatalities a year.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The a school bus mishap, most of the fatalities, around 70% were occupants of other vehicles involved. Those on the road who are not in closed vehicles as bicyclists, pedestrians, skateboarders, and others accounted for around 22% of the fatalities; while only 8% deaths are for occupants of school transportation vehicles.

Speeders are three times more likely to crash accounting to almost33% of all motor vehicle fatalities, according to Drive 25 Keep Kids Alive.

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