HENRY COUNTY, Ga. – Officials have arrest a hit-and-run crash that killed a Henry County police officer.

According to Major Jason Bolton of the Henry County Police Department the Henry County Police and Georgia State Patrol already arrested 43-year-old Ruben Marin-Garibay resident of Stockbridge on Tuesday night.

Authorities believed that Marin-Garibay was the driver of the truck that struck and killed 53-year-old Henry County Police Officer Elgin Daniel and sent another victim to the hospital on Monday night.
Bolton said that the whole department is pleased to make an arrest this early in the investigation.

Officer Daniel was hit by the truck while he stopped to help an insurance roadside assistance employee siphoning gas to his red Mustang.

Gordon Jarrett, the owner of the Mustang that was out of gas said that he was standing behind the car they were on the side and he was waving traffic away. The next thing he knew, there were two bodies hurled through the air.

Paramedics rushed both victims to the Atlanta Medical Center. Officer Daniel was later pronounced dead while the other injured man identified as 58-year-old John Cook, is listed in serious condition.
Police recounted that the driver of the truck sped away after striking the men.

Investigators were able to get the address of the owner of the truck; they arrived at a home in Stockbridge around 5 p.m. on Tuesday and inspected a white truck. Marin-Garibay, who lives at that home, was arrested a short time later.

Neighbors said that Marin-Garibay works in the tile-laying business.

Authorities took away the white F-350 truck as evidenced on Tuesday night.

Marin-Garibay is confined without bond at Henry County Jail. He is expected to appear for the first time in court on Wednesday.

Charges filed against Marin-Garibay are: vehicular homicide, serious injury by vehicle, failure to maintain lane and hit & run.

Fellow officers stated that Daniel was a dedicated officer. He joined the Henry County force two years ago after he retired from the DeKalb Police Department with more than two decades of service.
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