Despite scientific increases in the manufacturing, distributing and technology fields year after year, gas tank explosions still cause thousands of severe injuries and deaths on an annual basis. Most of these injuries are caused by defects in the development and design of cars, trucks and buses. While newer vehicles have gas tanks located outside of the frame of the vehicle older vehicles are still have gas tanks mounted inside the frame, which presents a dangerous explosion hazard.

A gas tank explosion can easily lead to a catastrophic burn injury causing intense pain that is some cases followed by disfigurement, scars, painful treatment, loss of certain extremities, and the loss of mobility. Treatments and therapies for a burn victim can go on for years and be extremely expensive. In recent years new treatments have made it possible for many burn victims to emerge with relatively little damage and little permanent scarring.

It is difficult to determine just how long physical, emotional and psychological damage will last with a burn injury but an experienced personal injury lawyer will ensure that future medical expenses and rehabilitation expenses are incorporated into your injury claim. The personal injury attorney’s at Our Lawyers have secured benefits and settlements for many types of burn injury claims including:

•medical expenses
•lost wages
•lost earning capacity
•torn ligaments
•pain and suffering
•emotional distress
•loss of quality of life
•other damages

At Our Lawyers we realize that can manufacturers cannot be held accountable for all post-collision fire. Even the safest design coupled with the strongest parts may not prevent a fire after an auto accident. With that said, we can hold them accountable for defects in the following designs that make auto fires more likely to occur:
•poor gas tank placement
•poor fuel line placement
•poor automotive design
•substandard fuel system components

Burn injuries from motorized vehicle accidents occur with some frequency in auto accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents and motorcycle accidents. Because of the severity of the injury and the serious long-term consequences it is important that victims use a personal injury law firm that specializes in auto accidents.

As a firm, Our Lawyers works with medical professionals and other professionals to accurately assess the full lifetime needs of our clients. Our personal injury lawyers can help you deal with legal issues stemming from auto accident injuries, bus accident injuries, car accident injuries, truck accident injuries and motorcycle accident injuries.