Do I need an attorney?
Hiring an attorney is not required following an auto accident but there are a few instances where is could be a good idea. If you or anyone involved has been seriously injured you may want representation to keep the line of communication open between you and the insurance company. If you have to prove that another driver was at fault you may want representation so shot what the rules of the road are in the accident scenario.

What information should I obtain?
•full names of all victims involved (including passengers and pedestrians)
•contact information of any witnesses to the accident
You should also record your observations of the following:
•Did anyone report an injury?
•Did medical assistance arrive?
•What personal injury was reported, if any?
•What was the location of the accident?
•What time of day was he accident?
•What were medical conditions like?
•Was there damage to the vehicle
•Did the police come?

Should I call the police?
Yes, this will provide proof of the accident and will allow for an immediate investigation of the accident. The police will also take statements and check for drug or alcohol use.

Should I contact my insurance company?
Most insurance companies require that each policyholder report every auto accident regardless if you are at fault or not. This is to make a recorded statement of the accident.

Should I go to the doctor?
In many cases physical ailments turn into complaints roughly 12 hours following an accident. If you feel any pain or discomfort following an auto accident you should seek medical assistance immediately. Waiting to seek medical treatment can be both bad for your health and bad for your chances of obtaining an appropriate settlement.

Should I take pictures of the scene of the accident?
Yes, even if the police take photographs you too should take as many pictures as possible. You should take pictures of every vehicle involved, the general location, various approaches to the accident, and all persons involved.