A crash at Highway 401 in a Tuesday afternoon resulted for a four-week-old baby and one other child to be rushed to a hospital.

A car accident between a car containing two children and a female driver and a tractor-trailer had happened on Highway 401, east of Port Union at around 1:30 in the afternoon.

The four-week-old victim was brought to a Toronto hospital and had sustained life-threatening injuries whilst the other child was also taken to a hospital sustaining critical injuries, says Const. Linda Wolf, OPP spokesperson.

The female driver, who was believed to be around 30’s, was given treatment at the scene of accident and was later on released to be with the children, says Const. Linda Wolf.

Both car and tractor-truck were travelling on the transfer lane to get into the collector lane when the accident had happened, says Wolf.

According to Wolf, the car had lost control and hit a guard rail before it went towards the path of the truck. An attempt to avoid the car was made by the truck but was not successful in doing so.

Factors that may have contributed to the crash include the wet and rainy condition at the time of accident.

As police investigation with regards to the car crash still ensues, portions of the eastbound lanes of Highway 401 were closed near Port Union.

The closure was expected to last throughout the rush hour in the evening, Wolf says.

She added that “Both the 401 and the collector lane are moving, but at a slow pace.”

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