Do you know that a new report made by a group called Trip out of Washington stated that the roads along Dallas-Fort Worth had a No. 17 rank in the country for bad roads? And to think that it costs drivers more than the amount of $600

It is a fact that bad roads are expensive as it cost drivers to shell out good money.

A new report cited that along the Dallas-Fort Worth roadways, drivers are spending an additional sum of $615, which is almost twice the national average of $377.

Charles Worrall, a Dallas mechanic, said that he is not surprised that the costs are high. He said that it was not surprising as the roads around the area are terrible.

The amount stated will include the wear-and-tear of vehicles, its depreciation, increase need for maintenance, consumption of fuel and tire wear.

Arlene Montgomery, resident of Arlington, said that she spent nearly $800 fixing her car after it hit a pothole.

According a study made by a national transportation research group, about 36%  of the roads in DFW are in deplorable condition as they ranked it 17th  among the worst in the country.

Three roads in the DFW are located in Texas while two are on the Dallas side. One of them is Interstate -30, starting from Loop 12 until downtown Dallas. The other is Interstate -75 starting from the Bush Turnpike until LBJ.

But there is another bad backup spot, the Interstate -35 along Fort Worth just along Highway 183 to 81 at the Alliance area.

Corey Williams, who is regularly driving along the worst road in Texas, Interstate-35 along downtown Dallas, said that is a sinkhole for time wasted sitting in traffic. The traffic is congested that vehicles can barely move.

Couple Williams and Stacia Toney added that they spend hundreds of hours stuck in traffic. Annually, it is for about 200 hours or even more.

Based on the latest Texas transportation research, the average time a driver wastes in a congested traffic is around 45 hours every year. However, bad roads are also costly, averaging each Texas driver the amount of $350 for yearly repairs.

The Executive Director of the Tarrant Regional Transportation Coalition Vic Suhm  said that the amount of at least one billion dollars a year is needed for road maintenance. The fuel tax is decreasing as there are more electric and hybrid cars plying the roads. And that fuel tax helps to fund roadwork.

TRIP suggested that taxes and fees be increased for every driver by around $400 annually.

As for now, money for the roads came out from the fuel tax which has not been raised since 1991 and vehicle registration fees which have not been increase since 1986.

Bad roads are also one of the biggest factors in car accidents.

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