BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Another case of hit-and-run in the 53-hundred block of Frankford Avenue is under investigation by the Baltimore police.

It was at 1:48 Saturday morning when the accident occurred. Police reported that a man was struck by a sedan-type vehicle. He was immediately transported to Bayview, where he died from his injuries. Pending contact with his family, the name of the fatality has not been released.

Witnesses described the erring vehicle as a black, four-door Mazda with a partial Maryland tag of 5189 or 5183. After the crash, the Mazda continued speeding northbound on Frankford Avenue with two African-American women inside. The vehicle could easily be identified as it has already damage to the front or rear.

Police are requesting the people to report any news of the where about hit-and-run driver, please inform the police.

In Baltimore, Maryland, a driver can be charged hit-and-run when the crash involved in a collision, and the driver does not stop to exchange identification with the other vehicle’s owner. Once the driver stops, he is also responsible for helping any injured drivers, requesting any necessary medical care, and reporting the accident to the police. If the accident involved a stationary object, such as a parked car, the driver must let the owner know about the accident. This can be done by leaving a note with your contact information, or by using the vehicle’s license plate number to identify the owner. If you do not attempt to notify the owner of the accident, you can be charged with hit and run.

A hit and run charge can be classified as either a misdemeanor or felony offense. Misdemeanor hit and runs are usually issued in cases that involve only minor property damage, and cause no injury to the drivers. Felony hit and run tickets, on the other hand, are reserved for accidents that cause serious injury or death.

Car accident victims may be entitles to financial compensation for pain and suffering in addition to economic damages.

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