Agua Dulce, Texas – Officials from the Texas Department of Public Safety reported of a fatal crash that occurred last July 1, 2013, at about 7:30 o’clock in the morning that claimed the life of Natalia Rangel, age 50, resident of Banquete.  Another woman, identified as Melissa Leal, age 41, also resident of Banquete, sustained life-threatening injuries.

Officials reported that the Leal was driving her Chevy Tahoe travelling northbound along FM 70 near the County Road 42 when for unknown reasons; it swerved into the southbound lane where Rangel’s was operating Ford Taurus.  They had a head-on collision which caused both vehicles to catch fire.

Due to the impact, Rangel was pronounced dead at the scene.  Meanwhile Leal sustaining life-threatening injuries was rushed to the Hospital of Christus Spohn in Alice, Texas. She was listed under critical condition.

A woman from Banquete, age 50 was killed after another car hit her vehicle head-on along the area of Agua Dulce last morning of Monday.

The family of the fatality identified as Natalia Rangel was very emotional when they arrived at the scene of the  Woman dies in car accident. The mishap happened at around 7:30 o’clock in the morning along FM 70 in County Road 42.

According to the report of troopers from the Department of Public Safety, a Chevy Tahoe was traveling northward along FM 70, while the Ford Taurus operated by Rangel was going southbound. Somehow, the two vehicles collided head-on and both vehicles caught fire. Rangel killed immediately on the scene.

State troopers did their best to console the family members of Rangel as who arrived at the scene. The children wanted to see their mother that had just expired but the troopers did not allow it and tried to keep the family as far away from the accident as possible.

Melissa Leal, age 41 who was driving the Tahoe, also sustained life-threatening internal injuries and was delivered to the Hospital of Christus Spohn in Alice.

Troopers are not certain if Rangel died from the accident or from the vehicle fire. They could not even determine if she was wearing her seat belt as everything inside the car was melted from the heat.

Both drivers of the vehicles came from Banquete.

Investigators were trying to determine the cause of the crash and surmised that the Chevy Tahoe was running on the wrong side of the road. However, investigation is not done as they still have lots oF evidences to dig up and to figure out exactly what happened.

DPS troopers stated that accidents often happened at the curve and they are warning drivers to be careful when they reached this part of the road and to decrease their speed when there are cars traveling on similar roadways.

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Source: KIIITV Com