Beating the Red Light Caused the Life of a Woman at East Highway 290

Two vehicles were involved in a crash on the afternoon of September 30, 2010 – where a woman lost her life.  The accident took place on East Highway 290, specifically on the eastbound lanes of the highway service road intersection at Ed Bluestein Boulevard.  The identity of the woman was not released to the public and this was listed out to be the 35th traffic fatality of the year 2010.

After gathering the facts, it was known that a white truck was traveling on the East Highway 290 access road.   There was no note about how fast the truck was going.  It rammed into a gray car that was heading north on the access road of Texas 183.  There was no mention about the speed of the gray car either.  From police investigation, it was found that the speed the truck was going didn’t really matter because it was the driver of the gray car who was at fault.  The gray car continued on its way and ran a red light.  Since the truck had the right of way, it continued on the path it was going.  The gray car collided with the truck.  From the force of the collision with the truck, the car was thrown across the road and it only stopped sliding down when it rammed into a light pole.

The woman who was driving the gray car was dead at the scene.  On the other hand, there was no word about the extent of injuries the driver of the truck suffered.  After the accident, both lanes on the East Highway 290 as well as Ed Bluestein Boulevard were closed.  Rescue crew responded and was quickly at the scene – and an investigation was conducted by the authorities.  After few hours, the scene was finally cleared – and the lanes on East Highway 290 and Ed Bluestein Boulevard were reopened to traffic.

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