Another person was claimed by the road this weekend by the death of a bicyclist who died when she swerved into the path of a Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus while she was training for a forthcoming Ironman Triathlon.

According to a Los Angeles County sheriff’s official, the fatality was Marisela Echeverria, aged 36, who was dragged under the bus and finally smashed by the rear wheels.

Her injury was so severe that she died at the scene of the accident that Saturday afternoon in Pacific Coast Highway’s 25000 block. The bicyclist appeared to have lost control of her bike as she was passing other vehicles, told the bus driver to the authority. It was exactly what sheriff’ Sgt. Philip Brooks believed was the reason of the crash. Echeverria must have lost control and striking her handlebar on a parked vehicle, she swerved to the side of the bus. The next thing that happened was her being dragged under the bus and being run over by the back tires.

Brad Hall, Echeverria’s coach and friend said that she was on training for Ironman Arizona and he had been training with her earlier that day during the first half of her 80-mile ride. This was Echeverria’s second preparing for Ironman as she missed the first one due to the death of her father.

Echeverria and her team chose Ironman Arizona as the race to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. On Saturdays, there are always several cars parking too close to the road, leaving inadequate space for bikes pass through safely, Hall commented. He hope drivers keep this in mind next time they’re parking along around the area.

Since all MTA buses are equipped with video recorders on board, investigators could review the tape to assess the incident, authorities said.

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