MALIBU, Calif. – It was an ominous Saturday for a female bicyclist who was struck and killed by a Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus in Malibu.

The accident happened at 1:50 o’clock in the morning at Pacific Coast Highway’s block 25000. The female bicyclist died at the accident scene. Pending investigation, the identity of the fatality was not given out.

Due to the mishap, the authorities decided to close temporarily the eastbound lanes of Pacific Coast Highway starting from Puerco Canyon Road up to John Tyler Drive.

There will be more details available after the authorities have made their investigation.

The California MTA services an area covering about 2,800 square miles from the Mendocino Coast to Inland communities. Because its transit system encompasses a long network of distances, commutes and local fixed routes, it is involved in accidents from time to time. MTA Transit is after public safety as their topmost concern. They have listed simple steps for commuters to avoid injury or accident in the subways or aboard trains and riding buses.

There are more real dangers and risks in bike riding on the road compared with cars.  People are likely to be killed and hurt severely killed by riding a bicycle than driving a car. Bicycle accidents occurring at intersections resulted in 237 of 371 total bicycle accidents or 64 %, with 314 bicycle-motor vehicle crashes at 74%. Most injuries are associated with riding at top speed but the most serious injuries and fatalities come from collisions with other motor vehicles. Ride your bicycle carefully so you will not be a number in the statistics.

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