CALABASAS — Another extensive traffic jam took place along the Ventura (101) Freeway due to a big rig mishap. There was a long line of vehicles standing still with the motorists sickened inside from the triple-digit California heat.

California Highway Patrol officials reported that the crash occurred at 2:31 o’clock that afternoon in the vicinity of Las Virgenes Road

A big truck was going eastward when the driver could no longer control the big vehicle. He drove straight to median concrete divider and then finally halted. Officers said that along the way, he also hit cab at two west lanes, and then a trailer that was blocking the three eastbound lanes. A Signal Alert was issued at 2:45 that afternoon and for miles on both sides of the freeway traffic was backed up.

Even at 6 p.m., the traffic jam continued and was still backed up.

L.A. resident Liz Smith commented on Facebook that it appeared like the ultimate battle of cars and for her THE WORST she ever experienced. Smith and her friends were going back to Malibu passing the Ventura Freeway but they caught in the snarled traffic.

After the crash, the truck started spilling up to 10-15 gallons of fuel.  However, there was no report of any injury.  Although many motorists called 911 reporting that they were feeling sick under in the 106-degree heat.

Adding insult to injury was a report that there was another accident along the Mureau Road, the only remaining way that runs parallel the Freeway via Calabasas Hill.

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