LOS ANGELES -A big-rig driver was extracted from his wrecked vehicle after how many hours in the aftermath of a 10 truck collision chain-reaction in an interstate 5 bypass tunnel.

The accident happened just minutes after 2:30 in the morning on a Tuesday in the Newhall Pass Tunnel. A factor of the incident may have been due to the rain.

A dump truck driver who lost control of his vehicle on wet roads was the cause of accident that made nine other 18-wheelers to collide, says Officer F. Vargas,

The driver sustained two broken legs and was brought to a nearby hospital for treatment.

It was found out that authorities had previously warned more than 10 years after a deadly pileup five years ago that the that the stretch of freeway was dangerous and safety improvements should be made.

The AP found that a request to routinely close the road on a stormy weather was declined, whilst highway officials cut grooves into the pavement for an improvement in traction.

The speed limit of the tunnel was later raised from 45 mph to 55 mph by the state.

The accident started when a big-rig, that was travelling in the southbound tunnel, lost its’ control and jackknifed. Three other big-rigs, who were travelling behind, crashed into the mess says Officer Mike Harris of CHP.

Another three big-rigs managed to slow down and stop but five other trucks crashed in another second chain-reaction crash in the two same-direction lane tunnel.

The driver of one truck was trapped and more than three hours was required for the firefighters to free him. He sustained non-life threatening injuries.

There was a minor diesel fuel spillage but no fire.

The scene was anticipated to be cleared and reopened on Tuesday 2 p.m.

The overall cost for clean-up and repair is $ 17 million and two days of closure.

The primary cause was speeding although faulty brakes and the first truck and unfavorable weather were also contributory factors.

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