This Hesperia teen moved his friend out of the way and he was the one struck by the pick-up truck instead. His grieved family and mourning friends could hardly believe the loss of this Hesperia teenager who offered his life to save a friend.

According to the police, best friends, Daniel Sanchez and Valeria Rodriguez, both 17, were biking their way to a restaurant on located Main St. along Escondido Ave. It was around1:25 o’clock Monday morning, the road was dark and lonely but they heard a pickup truck approaching them from behind. There was no other car on the road so there was no reason for them to worry about the traffic.

Rodriguez narrated that they were riding beside each other at the rim of the road when they heard the sound of the truck running down the lonely road. She was biking nearest to the pavement and Sanchez feeling an impending danger asked that they switched sides.

He had not yet finished her sentence to warn her when a white vehicle was right on them. The pickup truck just moves forward and hit Sanchez as the truck driver seemed not to be able to control his vehicle.

Rodriguez said that Sanchez fell on top of her but bounced back towards the pavement and hit his head. The impact was so great that his head was badly injured.

Sanchez sustained life-threatening head injuries and was immediately airlifted by ambulance helicopter to the Regional Medical Center of Arrowhead in Colton. In the hospital, he immediately fell into a coma. Doctors performed surgery on him but his family reported that while on while life support, he died at 8:45 o’clock morning of Tuesday.

Investigators said they are still searching for leads to the hit-and-run driver.

Rodriguez was also bruised but was in fine condition.

Family members remembered the humor of Sanchez who was always friendly and loving to his friends. His last act of kindness was changing places with his close friend in times of danger.

Monica Sanchez Gonzalez, his aunt said Daniel had the biggest heart as his thoughts were always for others.

Last May, Sanchez graduated Oak Hills High School and planned to be an electrician like his grandfather. He is the oldest of seven siblings.

Sanchez’s mother remembered how loving his son was to her and family members. Now she is asking for her son’s killer to come forward. The hit-and-run driver needs to pay for his crime. If he had only stayed, then he could have been forgiven; but fleeing from an accident is a criminal act.

By posting fliers around the area, Sanchez’s family is hoping to get more information on the pickup and truck driver.

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