Body Has Been Found in the Trunk of a Burning Car

SEPTEMBER 21, 2012

Police and other Law Enforcement authorities has confirmed that a body of yet an unknown gender has been found in the trunk of a burning car.  The firefighters who responded into the scene was the one who found the body in the trunk of the car.  The vehicle has been found alongside the East County highway.  The sheriff’s homicide team is already on the scene, which is on 16,000 block of Jamul’s Skyline Truck Trail.

The investigators said, that the body has been burning for a long time, that the gender cannot be easily identified.  The authorities have been blocking the side of the road since this morning.  They also said that they are not treating this as a Homicide Case and they will not leave the place until such time that they will be able to get more leads.  Investigators estimate that the incident occurred four o’clock in the morning.  A citizen, who was on his way to his work, has noticed the burning car and immediately notified the authorities.  There is now a Forensic Expert on the scene that will identify the gender of the victim or any clue that can help the investigation.  The investigator is asking the public if there are any witnesses or anyone that has information regarding the incident because it will help the police and investigators to solve the case.

The autopsy of the charred body found in the trunk of the burning car has been scheduled already, which is on Friday.  The investigators and the Forensic Experts have found some information about the body.  They don’t want to give out details yet, but they can already say that the burned body was a male, according to the Medical Examiner’s Office.  A process is now underway to find out who he was, and how he died.

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(Source: CBS News San Diego