CANOGA PARK — A body of an elderly woman was found inside a vehicle after her son was pulled from the same vehicle for being involved in a crash.

The incident occurred in Tarzana at the Citibank parking lot at the corner of Ventura Boulevard and Tampa Avenue at around 10 on Saturday morning.

Photographer Gene Blevins said that the airbag was really big that it was hard to see anyone behind it. The body was found when the vehicle was brought to the tow yard.

The vehicle was taken to the Howard Sommers police tow yard in Canoga Park on Saturday.
The victim, 72-year-old Shirley Williams, was found in the passenger seat of her son’s car on Sunday.

Family members are questioning how the police and paramedics did not see the body when they pulled 48-year-old Steven Williams in the same car.

Sgt. Lee Sands said there will be questions that will be raised in the investigation.
Currently, Steven Williams is in stable condition in the ICU of Northridge Hospital Medical Center.

US. E Window was left with extensive damage after the crash. The business owner, Jay Williams, was shocked to hear about Shirley Williams and expresses his condolences.

The cause of Shirley Williams’ death could not yet be determined by the Coroner officials. Autopsy is still pending, according to officials.

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