The Holy Family Catholic Church in Edinburg Monday afternoon was packed by a sea of mourners to bid farewell to a veteran Border Patrol agent Eubin Gomez, Jr., age 25, who was killed during an off-duty traffic accident.

Eubin’s uncle, Ramon Perez, Jr. said that the support and assistance from Border Patrol, as well as all the family and friends from different parts of the country, brought them so much comfort and with God’s strength, they can withstand their trying hours.

Eubin died last Friday when he crashed his motorcycle in McAllen.

Investigators were trying to reconstruct the single-vehicle accident to discover what went wrong and if the cyclist was wearing a helmet.

Aaron Quintanilla one of the members of the Rio Grande Valley motorcyclists, who was paying his final respects with his companions said that there are lots of challenges that face bikers on the road.

He said that it is very hard to be operating a bike as they have to be extra aware of other drivers since cars do not pay much attention to them on the road.

Eubin is survived by his only daughter Victoria; age 1, who family said was his light and joy.

As a field agent with the Border Patrol for six years, the department considered his death a loss in the family.

Law enforcement from other agencies from federal, state and city levels were all there to show support for one of their own.

Eubin died while riding his motorcycle off the 2100 block of Uvalde Avenue, just nearby the McAllen Airport. According to McAllen Police, he lost control of his motorcycle and died on the scene before the paramedics arrived.

Police have to clarify if he was using a helmet during the time of the crash.

Border Patrol officials added that Eubin was off-duty during the time of the accident.

There was no autopsy ordered; but Judge Homer Jasso ordered that a toxicology be done. But results will come out after a month

The McAllen family deeply grieved the passing of Eubin Gomez, Jr. age 25, who was victim of a motorbike crash last Friday.

Eubin’s sister, Damaris Gomez said that her brother had always wanted to be a Border Patrol as the tradition runs in the family from generation to generation. Eubin’s family stated that due to Border Patrol—their family has grown and their support has meant everything to them.

The  Border Patrol Accident has done everything to show their sympathy to the family; they were always there for the family right away, and the family would like to express their gratitude for all that. Eubin loved the Border Patrol and had always good words and the highest respect to the men and woman that he worked with, Damaris concluded.

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Sources: Valley Central Com