The mother of the Bartow County teen who fell out from the back of a truck demands the reason why the driver of the truck was not charged.

Hope Montgomery is aware that it was a mistake for his son to ride in the back of a pickup truck but she is fumed why the driver did not stopped nor why the driver will not receive punishment.

Montgomery’s son, 14-year-old Lucas, sustained a broken nose, cracked ribs, a chipped tooth and a concussion after falling on the back of the truck.

According to Lucas, he got up just for a second in the same time the driver sped up, thus, he went off the side.

Hope Montgomery says the 19-year-old driver did not stop until some of the passengers of the truck made him go back. But according to the sheriff, in order fo charges to be placed to the driver, there has to be evidenced that he had intentionally tried to harm Lucas by knocking him out of the truck and the sheriff says that the incident looks like a case of boys goofing around.

Hope Montgomery countered that she did not think that the driver planned to knock his son off but maybe thought that it would be funny to sort of knock someone back but this would sometimes be on the expense of the life other people.

The father of the driver said that his son is upset about the incident.

Lucas said that he is just happy to be alive.

Hope Montgomery said that her son should have known better after a cousin of hers died after falling out of the back of a pick-up truck.

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